About us

So you’d like to know us better?

Securitum is a leading European pentesting company.

Securitum currently employs over 35+ security consultants and do hundreds of separate penetration testing projects every year. Top European banks are Securitum customers. What services does Securitum provide? Short list of core ones:

  • web application penetration testing
  • mobile application penetration testing
  • social engineering activities (digital and real world ones)
  • network and infrastructure pentests
  • whitebox analysis of systems, configuration and source code
  • IoT and hardware security analysis, including protocols analysis

Securitum in numbers:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Full time pentesters: 35+
  • Pentesting projects conducted in 2019: 360
  • Pentesting projects conducted in 2020: 440
  • Pentesting projects conducted in 2021: 590
  • Customers: 8 out of top 10 PL banks are our customers
  • Average project duration: 2 weeks
  • Project start SLA: 1 week
  • Public research articles: 200+
  • CVEs assigned: 50+ (incl. Google Chrome/OpenSSH/Firefox and others)
  • Books published: two (so far 😀)

We publish two types of cyber security publications on our website::

  • Education – texts written to share knowledge and educate. They shall be about cyber security topics or general IT technology with a security twist. We strive to write so called long-reads, being comprehensive materials from which you can learn.
  • Research – vulnerabilities analysis, written about things we discovered or helped to discover and analyze. You shall expect a few zero days and first-public-reads here, as long as responsible disclosure allows us.

We are from Poland, proud European Union member!

All our team members work on day by day basis in Securitum. We live in a cyber security bubble and feel good about it 🙂 If you’re interested to know our team more, feel free to roam through multiple publications of our website. We’re proud to admit that you can find here among others:

We’re a sister site of famous Polish https://sekurak.pl/ portal. Many our readers (some only through Google Translate!) asked us multiple times for the last few years:

Member of https://sekurak.pl/ family