Penetration Testing

Securitum is a consulting company, specialized in security of IT systems. We have experience in performing all kind of penetration tests – mainly for financial/e-commerce/industry sectors. We performed penetration tests security services for leading European banks (written references available). Due to our experience, and internationally recognized team, penetration testing can be made with broad insight, great results and short time.


We among others do newest IT architectures audits, including GCP, AWS, Azure pentests, covering also cloud Web deployments and API backends of any scale.

Top Team

Our team holds numerous awards and security certificates (CISSP, CEH, OSCP) and we’re invited as speakers to multiple conferences every year.

Top Research

Published in world famous portals like: The register – UK, Heise Online – Germany, – Holland, der Standard – Austria, Slashdot – USA).

We perform 300+ separate penetration testing project any single year, covering:

  • web application pentests
  • mobile applications blackbox pentests
  • source code analysis
  • remote and on-premise social engineering
  • network infrastructure pentest
  • WiFi/LAN audits
  • whitebox server configuration analysis
  • API backend penetration testing
  • IoT devices analysis (software and hardware)
  • protocols analysis
  • server and workstations hardening
  • cloud services pentests

We will soon launch full scale corporate webpage when we will provide more information.

Service models

Defined scope

With a full coverage of app, system or network. Giving you time & cost limit while having your asset thoroughly checked.

Best effort

Used mostly for red-teaming approach or project with vast surface attack, where it’s hard to asses scope before project start.

Time & material

Useful for consulting, short encounters, or cyclic rechecks of critical systems with 24/7 exposure.

Why Securitum?

30+ security consultants in house

250+ pentesting projects done in 2018

360 separate pentesting projects in 2019!

10 years on the market

Top European banks are our customers

We also work on-premise if needed

Internationally recognised team (Google’s 0x0a!)

Multiple CVE’s found and reported

We freely share our cyber education publications

Michał Sajdak

Securitum & Sekurak Founder

Research? Vulnerabilities? Trainings? Certifications? Write me!

Radosław Stachowiak

Securitum CEO

Write me about anything related to Penetration Testing.